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It’s cooking using stoves that are cleaner and more efficient in terms of

Fuel usage – using fuels over longer periods of time.
Emits less smoke and carbon monoxide.
Experiences less heat loss when cooking.
Improved Safety for users.

Jiko La Kisasa

What are the types of clean cooking?

These are improved jikos that are cleaner and use fuel efficiently thus saving you money and also produce less smoke.  Jikokoa BurnSupersaver-Envirofit, and Jiko Bora-Ecozoom are good examples.



This is a makeshift fuel source that is both clean and renewable. A ‘Biogas digester’, where the bacteria eat away the waste, which in turn gives off a flammable gas, called Biogas. Waste is not limited to livestock dung; kitchen waste can be used as well as an alternative source of fuel. Contact us: nbfkenya@gmail.com 





This type of fuel is made from sugarcane processing. Unlike LPG, this burns with a slow, steady flame. Ethanol, compared to water, has a low boiling point and hence it is stored in closed containers and bottles since the vapor is combustible in nature. It is distributed as liquid or gel ethanol to make it viscous and easier to handle. Click here to get a supplier.



LPG is a flammable liquid gas stored in steel containers. In Kenya, it’s the main source for fast, clean and powerful cooking. It is made during oil refining and natural gas conversion. It is opted due to its affordability and alternative to electricity.

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